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Coaching For Business - Life Changes | NHCL

Based in Ayrshire, Scotland, NHCL specialises in workplace coaching to help executives, managers, business owners and other creative professionals improve their personal and professional effectiveness and achieve sustainable success.

We have worked with organisations experiencing high absenteeism, rapid change, leadership challenges, a fiercely competitive environment and restructuring.

Workplace Coaching helps develop an organizational culture that gives rise to collaborations and innovative thinking, necessary for corporations and individuals to succeed in an increasingly competitive world.

Effective Corporations "Walk the Talk"

To be effective and therefore sustainable, corporations need to attract and retain top talent and facilitate their development of good leadership skills. Elements that create the foundation for a productive workplace include:

- A clear vision, values and mission, reinforced through regular communications and modeled behaviour
- Accessible and responsive leadership
- An open, non-judgmental environment where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities
- Clear performance expectations

A staff hiring and integration process that identifies cultural and environmental fit - a match between the values of the incoming worker and those of the corporation.

The Six Attributes of Workplace Coaching

1. Engagement & Participation Focused - Coaching helps people think better. The person coached is the expert - the manager applies appreciative enquiry to listen, engage and encourage the person's participation and development.

2. Positive and Solutions Oriented - The manager learns to focus firmly on solutions – identifying the gap and helping the person coached develop the strategies, tactics and skills to bridge it, establishing trust and a supportive environment.

3. Reframing & Positive Feedback - Paraphrasing and reframing reassures the person coached that they’ve been heard promoting open communications. Encouraged by the compassionate support they experience, their self confidence grows affecting positive performance outcomes and enhanced self esteem to create momentum.

4. NHCL approach - Cultivating a commitment to never-ending continuous improvement with a focus on process and results in an atmosphere of no judgment and no blame.

5. Challenge - Designing strategic actions that recognize and enlist the worker’s strengths move them forward to generate optimum performance that invigorates and empowers them and inspires their peers.

6. Goal Setting, Managing Progress & Accountability - Together Coach-Manager and worker create a plan with measurable results, strategies and necessary resources. The worker is supported in the implementation of their plan, adapting to changes, acknowledging progress and celebrating milestones together.

Absenteeism in the Workplace - Workplace Coaching Improves Results with Less Effort

Workplace coaching combats the increasing threat of employee disengagement, absenteeism and burnout.

Coaching empowers managers to: - Develop good leadership skills - Facilitate workplace stress reduction - Enhance worker job satisfaction and improve motivation in the workplace - Enhance employee performance and work life balance - Improve communications and organizational effectiveness

Studies show that emotional engagement drives employee effort and that workers, in a healthy and productive workplace, stay on the job longer because they love their job, their workplace and their boss.

Managing workplace stressors is a responsibility shared among management and employees. Workplace coaching develops both the manager's and the workers' abilities and skills contributing to a productive workplace culture, improved performance and increased job satisfaction.

Engaged and empowered employees become postive change agents.

Coaching Transforms Workplace Culture

Our Workplace Coaching Program equips managers with coaching skills necessary to develop their capacity and that of their teams to navigate and adapt to workplace changes effectively. Competencies include developing the ability to:

- Change perspective, attitude and thinking
- Anticipate and develop needed competencies and skills,
- Cultivate behaviour change with a focus on best practices
- Respond effectively to even the slightest change in:
- Organizational direction
- Manager/leader or boss
- Structure, strategy, policy and procedures
- Product and/or service mix
- Peers
- The marketplace
- Location

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"Hi, I totally enjoyed the Life Coaching Journey- I looked forward to my coaching sessions and my whole life has been tweeked onto a better track. I set a Goal - which was to lose 3stones in weight - I lost 3stones and 7lbs. Yipee.." - Aly




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"I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward."
- Thomas Edison

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Why Hire a Coach?

The benefits of coaching are extensive especially when the timing is right. You have the answers. Your life coach helps you discover the reservoir of infinite possibilities within and helps you develop the process you need to achieve your goals.
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